About Totem

At Totem we are a small team of individuals with a passion for jewellery, fashion & art. We have great fun building our collection and creating new looks and always love to see what beautiful combinations our customers dream up.

The Jewellery

TOTEM lets you create lockets using your life experiences, loves & individual style for jewellery that is as unique as you are.

Totem offers our customers the opportunity to choose charms and accents which reflect their lives, loves, hobbies and families, which are then placed in on-trend lockets. Made from jewellery grade stainless steel, we have created a high quality yet affordable brand of jewellery that taps into the already popular charm market whilst adding a unique twist on the theme. Our lockets come with an innovative opening mechanism which makes this a versatile (and fun!) piece of jewellery; with endless combination of charms (combined with a pocket-friendly price point) you can accumulate your own collection of charms to swap in and out of the locket with ease to suit any outfit, occasion or mood. Our lockets are priced from £22.50 with each charm costing just £3.30 making Totem Lockets an item of jewellery that can be worn and loved by everyone.5


Our brand name, Totem, identifies with the spirit of our jewellery. A totem is an object or symbol representing a person or group of people, reminding them of their family and history; it symbolises who they are and their aspirations. Each totem has its own meaning and personality, just like you. They represent yourself and your loved ones, and show what makes you unique. This concept is reflected in our jewellery creations. All of the charms which go into our lockets are, in their own special way, a totem. They have special meaning, from the baby charms to the wedding rings, to the paint palettes and music notes. We make sure we explain what each birthstone and charm can mean, but we know they can mean different things to different people and we love to hear from our customers the reasons why they have chosen the combination of charms they placed in their lockets.

Totem Lockets | Floating Charm Lockets | Totem Kids

Totem Floating Charm Lockets

Totem Lockets | Floating Charm Lockets | Totem Kids

Customer Creations

Totem Lockets

The combinations with Totem Lockets are as limitless as your imagination. Create something beautiful... What's Your Totem?

Totem Lockets | Floating Charm Locketsl